The Saut Hermès 2024: A Prestigious Equestrian Event in the Heart of Paris

Paris, France - The equestrian world is gearing up with enthusiasm for the 2024 edition of the Saut Hermès, an internationally renowned show jumping event to be held in the heart of the French capital on March 15, 16 and 17, 2024. Since its inception, the Saut Hermès has established itself as a must-attend event for equestrian enthusiasts and professionals alike, combining high-level sport with elegance.

The Saut Hermès 2024: A Prestigious Equestrian Event in the Heart of Paris


12 February 2024

Historic venue and exceptional ambience

This year, the prestigious Grand Palais, a landmark of Parisian architecture, will once again host the event. With its impressive glass roof and rich history, the Grand Palais offers a spectacular setting for equestrian competitions. Spectators will have the privilege of watching the world's best riders and horses battle it out in this venue steeped in history.

A high-level competition

The Saut Hermès brings together riders of international renown to compete in various categories, including the Grand Prix Hermès, the highlight of the competition. The courses, designed to test both speed and precision, promise to deliver an exciting, high-flying show.

More than a sporting event

The Saut Hermès is also a celebration of French art de vivre. In addition to the competition, visitors can enjoy exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations that showcase French craftsmanship and equestrian culture. It's a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a world where tradition meets excellence.

An Event Not to Be Missed

The Saut Hermès 2024 promises to be a memorable event, combining sport, culture and social commitment. Whether you're an equestrian enthusiast, a sports fan, or simply looking for a unique experience, this Parisian rendezvous is one to mark in your calendars.

For more information on tickets and the program, visit the official Saut Hermès website. Don't miss this opportunity to experience an exceptional moment in the heart of Paris.