The Magic of July 14th in Paris: Celebrations and Radiance in the Heart of the City of Light

On July 14th in Paris, an air of festivity and patriotism envelops the city. This date, emblematic of the French Revolution, is celebrated with a fervor that reflects the nation's spirit of liberty and fraternity. The French capital is transformed into a veritable “tableau vivant”, with every street corner and historic monument taking part in the celebrations.

The Magic of July 14th in Paris: Celebrations and Radiance in the Heart of the City of Light


20 February 2024

Morning - The Military Parade on the Champs-Élysées:

At first light, the Champs-Élysées are decked out in their finest to welcome the military parade. This colorful event is a moment of national pride in which France's military history is honored. Dismounted troops, mounted units, armored vehicles and air patrols parade before the astonished eyes of spectators, while the Marseillaise resounds, vibrating in the hearts of all.

Afternoon - Festivities and Concerts :

The afternoon is dedicated to joy and relaxation. Public gardens, the banks of the Seine and Paris's emblematic squares are transformed into concert stages, where musicians and singers celebrate France's cultural diversity. Families and groups of friends gather for convivial picnics, while street performers bring a touch of magic and surprise to the heart of the city.

Night – Spectacular firework:

As night falls, all eyes turn to the Eiffel Tower, from where a sumptuous firework display is fired. Each year, a different theme inspires this work of art, which illuminates the Parisian sky with its thousand colors. The reflections of the lights on the Seine add to the enchantment of the moment, creates unforgettable memories for spectators.

Hôtel Belmont Paris, at the heart of the festivities:

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