Paris 2024: The Olympic Games meet the City of Lights

As the world turns its look towards Paris for the eagerly anticipated 2024 Olympic Games, the city of lights is set to dazzle spectators and athletes with an unparalleled celebration of sport, culture, and unity. From July 26 to August 11, Paris, a city renowned for its historic landmarks, exquisite cuisine, and vibrant culture, is preparing to host an unforgettable edition of the Olympics, promising to be a fusion of tradition and innovation.
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Paris 2024: The Olympic Games meet the City of Lights


18 February 2024

A stage set for History

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are set to showcase the city's iconic venues, with the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, and the Grand Palais transformed into breathtaking stages for athletic prowess. From archery at Les Invalides to beach volleyball at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the games will not only spotlight the athletes' talents but also Paris's architectural beauty. This edition of the Olympics aims to be the most sustainable yet, emphasizing eco-friendly practices and a commitment to leaving a positive legacy for the city.

A global celebration

With athletes from around the world converging in Paris, the 2024 Olympics will be a melting pot of cultures, symbolizing hope, unity, and peace through the universal language of sport. Spectators can expect thrilling competitions, groundbreaking performances, and moments of joyous celebration. The city's streets, cafes, and public spaces will come alive with the spirit of the games, offering visitors a unique blend of athletic excellence and Parisian charm.

Beyond the Games

While the Olympic events will captivate millions, Paris's cultural offerings - from its world-class museums and galleries to its iconic fashion scene and culinary delights - promise a rich experience for visitors. The games present an ideal opportunity to explore the city's historical sites, relax in its charming bistros, and wander through its picturesque neighborhoods.

Your ideal stay at Belmont Paris Hotel

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